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Various helmets
Various helmets  
Hi! Do you know where I can find more data on motorcycle helmet shape/design patents?  In particular the shape and design of the hard plastic outer shell.

For example:  The Del Rosario Motorcycle Helmet has a pending patent (link:
but that was the only patent I could really find. I would like to know how I can figure out which helmets are patented, so I stay away from resemblance in my own designs.

Attached are a few different designs for reference; say I wanted to figure out which ones were protected by IP, how would I do so?

There are two ways I can think of.

The first is to go to, click on patents, then "search", then use key words.
That will bring up lots of safety helmet designs. Then you read one or more, note the categories cited, then do an exhaustive search of the categories.

This is time consuming and a real pain in the rear.

Or, for $1,200 I can get this done for you. It would cover the U.S. patents and the pending (published) U.S. filings.

Unless you have good contacts for marketing, I would suggest you invent something else as it is a crowded art and probably a tough market to break. In crowded arts, potential companies usually don't accept unsolicited submissions.

As for me, I wouldn't want to be your patent agent, as it is too tough and the odds are too great.

I don't mean to rain on your parade. I do wish you well in your endeavors.

My web site is

It has a very good book review page that might be of assistance.

Stay away from any invention marketing outfits, especially the ones that advertise.
George H. Morgan, Patent Agent

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