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I am working on a number of PowerPoint presentations (educational and unpaid) and would like to use relevant movie clips for illustration.

Am I going to infringe copyright if I do so, and if not, could you please indicate any sources or software which would enable me to access material?



I am a U.S. attorney and must advise you that the laws are somewhat different across the pond.

In the U.S., a copyright entitles the copyright holder with the following exclusive rights:

   to produce copies of the work and to sell those copies
   to import or export the work
   to create derivative works (works that adapt the original work)
   to perform or display the work publicly
   to sell or assign these rights to others
   to transmit or display by radio or video.

The "exclusive right" means that only the copyright holder may exercise these rights and others are prohibited from using the work without the copyright holder's permission.

Clearly, what you are proposing violates the exclusive rights of the U.S. copyright holder to produce copies of the work, to create derivative works, and to transmit a video of the work.

Michael, you should seek the advise of U.K. counsel on this matter to confirm this informal opinion.

My best regards,

  --Gerald R. Black
    Attorney and Counselor

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