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Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you very much for your answers to my questions. I would like to apologize for the general subject I selected for my request.

I have made an educational board game. I am outside of US. To register my new board game internationally through PCT, I need a sponsor to support me. Here there are my inter-related questions:

If I want to persuade the sponsor, I should explain the invention for him, and I think it is not wisely because still I have not filed my board game patent?

On the other hand if I have not sponsor I can not afford the financial cost of patent registration?

Regarding non-confidential disclosure (NCD), is it my only solution? If yes, can it be a reliable legal option that can preserve all intellectual property right of my invention?

Is there any alternative solution rather than NCD?

Again, thank you for you help.

Best regards,

Each country is different.

I suggest you talk to a lawyer, in your country, who deals in copyrights. Copyrights are cheap and very enforceable, in my humble opinion. You can copyright the rules, probably the game board, the rules, maybe the pieces, probably all in one copyright.

Also, check if you have to file first in your own country. You could file your national application in your own country, then file the PCT within a year, which postpones all the otheer national filings for 30 months past the filing date of your national application.

Your confidentiality agreement falls under business law, and is more easily enforced than a patent, which only can be enforced after issue.

Ideally, you go with the confidentiality agreement, and also file your national application.

Most countries require you to file in your own country, and receive permission to file in the others. If yours does not, and if you can operate with a U.S. mailing address (maybe a relative over here) consider starting off with a U.S. Provisional Application for Patent, which is a relatively informal document, cheap to file, and informal drawings (even sketches) are acceptable. That becomes your priority document, reconized around the world, by some 135 countries. Then you file your PCT, or national filing (if you are not going international) within a year of the Provisional Application for Patent.

I hope that helps.

George H. Morgan
Patent Agent  

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