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Hi George,
I'm looking at creating a baby product that has a plastic clip as part of it. These clips are found in abundance in China. However I found one particular brand of the same type of product with a plastic clip and it says "Patent Pending" on the clip. Here are my questions:
1) Is it possible they could be applying for a utility patent on this when there are already so many other similar clips selling in the US, or is it more likely to be a design patent?
2) Is there a way to look up a pending patent application on USPTO?
3) With design patents, are there some guidelines in terms of how different your design has to be in order to not violate the patent?
Thanks in advance for your time on this!

1. Who knows?  Probably a design patent is the way to go. Considering it is China, they may have just put "Patent Pending" to fake everyone out. The Chinese are not overly respectful of intellectual property.
2. If the application is 18 months old, unless non publication was requested (by a small entity, under 500 employees) it would be published by the USPTO.
3. The test is whether or not the competing product would be confused with the patented product if side by side in the marketplace. That is somewhat subjective.

I hope that helps. Best wishes!  

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