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My herbal cream and tincture have been tested by a dermatologist since 2010 and the doctor wants to be able to prescribe it to his patients...He has used the cream on everything from odd rashes to infected wounds and had great successful results..
It even makes shingles and cold sores go away and eases the pain too.
It's amazing on burns..A  plumber  burned  his  hand,  after  grabbing  a  pipe  that  he  welded  that  was  not  cool  yet, we  put  the  cream  on  his  hand  and  it  stopped  the  blister  from  forming  and  he  said  it  stopped  the  pain  and  the  burning  feeling.. So  he  bought  a  jar  to  take  home...The  tincture  the  doctor  uses  to  stop  bleeding  after  he  takes  a  biopsy  ,before  he  bandages  the  wound..
The doctor  says  about  my  product, "What  normally  takes  weeks  to  heal, only  takes  days  when  Ultra-Heal  is  used."

So,you see,I need to  be  able  to  market  my  product..

I  make  the  tincture  from  fresh & dried herbs  that  I  grow..

You don't need a patent to market your product. You might consider keeping everything a trade secret, as Coca Cola did. This is such a specialized area for getting a patent, I can't help you there. Considering how the recent patent "deform" act of 2012 or so has made it very expensive and difficult for the kind of product you have, I would suggest the trade secret approach, establish your trademark and put the money into marketing. The doctor who tested it might be able to help & advise on marketing. Perhaps consider joint venturing.

I hope that helps!

Best wishes on your sounds like it will help many people!

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