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jl wrote at 2008-04-29 01:36:22
This happens with Corel Draw 9 (part of Corel Essentials) on my wide screen.  The Y coordinate is already 0.  It apparently doesn't understand the widescreen format.  I can fix with each boot by minimize and maximize (from Windows Task Manager since bottom windows bar is covered too), but am looking for a permanent fix.

Wizard of Frobozz wrote at 2013-04-30 09:15:02
There is another method to find and move any window that has opened off screen or without mouse-access to the title bar.

1) Click-Select the Task-bar Icon for the window that is inaccessible.

2) Alt-Space will bring that Window's top menu into view.

The menu should be on-screen but in any case...

3) Press 'm'  (Move)

  a 4-directioned arrow will appear.

4) use the CURSOR KEYS to navigate the window into the position desired.

5) press enter.  

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