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CorelDraw/CorelDraw area calc tool by Alex Gray


MartinY wrote at 2011-02-02 23:05:46
Hi, isocalc is out of order since many years !!!

I recommend, you can get the area of ellipses, squares, irregular shapes and more, you can select multiple shapes and get the summatory of areas, there are many additional tools here too.

Pavel wrote at 2016-02-20 11:02:37
Dear CorelDRAW® users.

We develop extension, programming extended software for COREL®.

Software OAK.Area is a professional tool for measuring an area and a perimeter in CorelDRAW®.

The program finds use right where it is necessary to measure the area to determine the consumption of materials, precious metals, paint, varnish, etc.

OAK.Area is a software, that precisely counts the area of objects in CorelDRAW®. Within a few seconds, it measures selected objects. It respects the strength of contour, overlapping objects, areas that cover each other. The calculated result exactly matches with the printed output on a film, a paper, a foil, etc. The result is toted up by each separate color of CMYK. The program provides its own view for a perfect control of measured objects. The area is measured either in cm2 or in sq inch.


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