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CorelDraw/Duplicating objects along a path


lucianospa wrote at 2009-07-10 13:55:28
To fit objects to path follow the steps:

1) Go to Menu Window >> Dockers >> Blend

2) Number of steps = 20. For exemple.

1) Create 2 small circles and 1 big Circle

2) Select the first small circle after select the other one.

3) Press apply button of docker Blend

4) Click on the third button above apply button called path

5) Click on the big circle

done !

aerkizzei wrote at 2010-02-10 12:14:50
For adding objects along a curve, I believe the best way is to use the custom brush feature is mentioned above. Corel should have a good explanation of how to do this, but you are looking to make a custom spray brush. The spray brush has nice controls for spacing and aligning the objects. You may have to tinker with it a little bit, but it is a nice time-saving tool.

Rajib Ghosh wrote at 2010-10-21 04:54:13
You can create a Custom Brush-stroke to do this. Just remember that when creating a custom brush stoke, select 'Object Sprayer' instead of a regular brush. In the object sprayer mode, the objects do not stretch. They can be scaled and distance between objects can be adjusted. You can even add multiple objects to the brush (for ex: color and size variants).

moonako wrote at 2012-12-16 16:19:03

i have one tip how you can duplicate object by the curve "path"

it is a trick.

use the blend tool for that.

1. make a 1 copy of your object

2. blend the same objects

3. set number of steps (how many copies you want or need) in blend tool menu

3. Add the draw path by icon "path properties" in blend tool menu

that is all.

i hope it will be helpfully. enjoy



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