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I am a fresher and I selected in Campus Recruitment in one of the leading IT company. But i didn't get the joining date. Recently i attended the interview of another small IT company and i selected. They don't have any bond and certificates needed only for verification. They gave joining date in the next week and 3 months training is there. If i join there and resign during training, does it make any legal problem ? I am thinking work for the smaller company till i gets the date from the 1st one. shall i go for it ?

Hi Vishnu,

It is not clear whether after being selected in campus recruitment, you had signed any contract with the bigger company. In that case, to answer your case I would need the details of the contract to give an exact answer. Assuming that they just informed that you are recruited and that you have not signed any contract with the bigger company, and further assuming that the second company does not contain a policy that they would not relieve an employee before a particular period,(if there is any, the appointment letter would generally mention it)there is no legal issue in your joining the smaller company and resigning after a particular period. If there is no legal commitment with the second company to serve for any specified duration, it is a contract terminable by reasonable notice.



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