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hi ive been reading stephen richards book on guide to cosmic ordering and find it intruiging but too far fetched ive been in debt before and got out of it but this time i cant see the light at the end of the tunnel im not wanting to be a millionaire i dont see it but can cosmic ordering help me out thank you for your time...

Dear Friend,

I can only guide you when you have a firm belief in yourself. I see that you comment on Cosmic Ordering as being "too far fetched". It is, bless you, not my role to instil positivity within the reader or potential follower of the law of attraction, that is not how it works. The wonderful thing with Cosmic Ordering is that it places no time limits or set of values on anyone using it. Each person has their own set of values and beliefs, and, unlike religion, Cosmic Ordering accepts sinners as well as saints, there is no need to be a shining example to the community in order to make it work. You just need one thing, and that is belief in yourself. I work with positive-minded people, it is not my role to make them think positively, and until as such time as you feel it is possible to manifest your desires then you just have to accept that you are not ready just yet. Perhaps this is not the answer you seek, but it is not for me to prove Cosmic Ordering works ... as I know it does work.

Best wishes ever,

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