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Hi, Stephen. My question is : Can I cosmic order for another person? My boyfriend is a single father of a young son and the mother wants sole custody of the little boy. He is wonderful father, if this happens he would be devastated. Would it be morally ethical for me to interfere with this situation by a cosmic order? Or am I playing with someone ele's fate? Is it true that sometimes things are predestined or is everything in our control? I hope my questions are clear?
Thank you.

Michele - Hi,

Cosmic Ordering is not a domineering genre of the arts, certainly you can ask that your own wishes are manifested, but to ask that the wishes and desires of others are manifested falls to another genre of practice. To ask for something for another person may go against their subconscious wishes, even though they consciously say they want something different.

Certainly, within the bounds of destiny, things are preordained, but we can actually bend the rules so to speak. When you take the reins of destiny within your control then that is when you take charge of how you want it to go, that is what Cosmic Ordering is all about.

There is one thing you have not addressed, and that is universal justice. This prevails most of the time, or has a karmic way of coming about. So for your boyfriend's ex to go for something that goes against such a thing ... well, it may actually backfire on her if she is not acting in the best interests of all. Such negativity can be drawn back to the source, so it may well be that little else needs to be done.

Certainly, though, do steer clear of dominance, as Cosmic Ordering is about empowerment.

Best wishes ever,

Stephen Richards

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