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Hello, I really need some big change in my life right now, and I need it very soon too. I've been doing some research on Cosmic Ordering and know that it could bring the changes I would like in my life.  But none of the many articles or websites I have read through have any strait out guideline to cosmic ordering. They all  say the same thing to use visualization, positive affirmation and stuff like that to cosmic order. I've done everything to cosmic order and nothing is working. I want to get these Cosmic Ordering books and courses but I don't have the money to get any of these. Is there anything or any resource that could help me with my cosmic ordering and could help me fast becuase I'm running out of time and I really need help fast.

Veronica - Hi,

I know this will not be the answer you are seeking and also, it will not address what you want help with in a direct way.

No one is going to reveal for free such information you are seeking, this is why it is vague when you are searching. For instance, I show in my books how to activate the pineal gland for manifesting desires, but that is not somethng that is available for free. You have to accept that you cannot secure an instruction manual for what you are seeking just like that. Of course the posts and articles on websites will mention visualization, affirmations and stuff like that because that is some of what is entailed in the process.

However, one major thing ... Cosmic Ordering is not something you can draw on as a last minute rescue service, as your thoughts that are desperate will negate any Order you place. Desperation methods do not work.

You say you "have done everything to cosmic order and nothing is working." How can it work if you admit that none of the sites have straightforward guidelines? You cannot have done everything! I know this is a tough reply, but you have to look within yourself for the answers as to why you are so desperate, and why you are scrambling about grasping at anything when in reality all you have to do is buy an ebook for a few dollars. Everyone in the Western world has access to or can get a few dollars.

Please be realistic with yourself and "buy" a decent book on the subject, invest time into yourself. If you are not worth investing time into then how can you expect to succeed?

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