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I am very new to this cosmic,ordering. Few days ago I kept some orders in popular cosmic ordering sites. In that order lage there was a coloumn which asked for due dates for the orders to be delivered. Since it was asked to fill I filled those columns. As per that my order is already due , which is not the case in real life. So, I was thinking about re placing the order can I do so. Also which of the following is best when it comes to cosmic ordering a)I visualize the end result add all postive vibrations and place my order OR b)I place the order like above, but everyday I visualize eagerly expecting the arrival of my order everyday until it actualy arrives

ANSWER: Thank you for your question, it's great to hear you are using this now and you are sure to make good things happen.

The main thing is not to obsess over your placed Order. Certainly what you mention about "a)I visualize the end result add all postive vibrations and place my order" is a good way to Order. You could also create a "vision board" and use it to place images, etc of what you want and place it some place yyou will see it often.

Also, place images of what it is you desire in strategic places.

When you place an Order, be sure to give the date you want it by.

If you wish to take Ordering forward to a higher level then use of your pineal gland will help accelerate your Order, too.

Best wishes ever,

Stephen Richards

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QUESTION: Thanks for answering my question. It was the first time I places some order. Two of them are already due, but have not manifested yet. Also since it was my first time I am not sure whether I ordered the right way, I mean visualize the end result, add positive vibe to it and and then place my order and thats why I want to reorder . Pleade tell me is it ad isable to do so. One more thing Stephen, until now I am not worried that why my orders are not yet delivered something says they will be here when they are ready. Neither I am excited about its arrival eventhough all of the orders are something I really really like to have. Do you think my such behavior would delay the delivery. Please guide me

My dear Friend,

How do you go about using the theory of the law of attraction in your life? This is where I believe the practice of Cosmic Ordering comes in. The law of attraction is the theory; Cosmic Ordering is the practice. If you read all the different books, there are many ways to do Cosmic Ordering. Some people light candles on the night of a full moon and create a whole ritual around it. Some people just shout out to the universe whatever it is they want, and some do something in between.

For myself, Ive found it best to keep things fairly clear. I do not agree with making a sizeable fuss about it, but I do feel you have to take it seriously (depending on the "Order" of course.) Some things I may just say out loud to the universe, Can I have an efficiently working computer today, please! However, I feel that actual things or big situations need handling a bit differently.

If you start with a blank notebook, I call it the Wish Book, you can write in it, stick things in or even actually type up and print out forms and sheets and stick them in, the choice is yours as it is your book.


This Wish Book is an excellent way to track your wishes and keep focused on them. Writing down your Cosmic Orders in this Wish Book helps you to understand what it is you want and helps you reaffirm those desires. Writing it down turns it into a solid contract between you and the Cosmos.

It is a good idea to keep your Wish Book private, honest and detailed. Each day, set out your wishes to reaffirm and reinforce them - write them in the Wish Book as you would a diary.

Keep tabs on your wishes
As your desires change, you can easily make changes. Perhaps you need to revise details or better yet, one of your goals becomes real and needs to be marked off as completed. Do not forget to thank the Cosmos in your journal!


Terms & Conditions
The actual Orders, consider writing them out by hand in as you go along. At the front of the book, on the inside left, you could stick in a sheet, which can be called my "Terms & Conditions". Here you could put, "I ask that all these things or better come in lovely ways and for the benefit of all." This allows for something even better than you had imagined coming along, allows it to come in incredible ways, and also ensures that everyone will benefit from your Orders. Of course, you can create your own "Terms & Conditions".

On the front right, and the next few pages, you might want to create tables with three columns each. The first (widest) column could be labeled "Order", the second column could be labeled "Send By" and the third column could be labeled "Order Received".

In the first column, write your "Orders". I.e. "A new mobile phone with all the whistles and bells". In the second column, write a date when you would like to receive the Order by (usually just the month and year, or "ASAP" if it is urgent.) The third column, only fill in when your Order has been delivered. Put a short date in there and a lovely glittery star or heart sticker to acknowledge receipt of your Order after it has arrived.

Gratitude Sheet
In the middle of the book, perhaps you might want to create something like a "Gratitude Sheet". On it you could put: "I willingly accept all of these wonderful things with a grateful heart and give thanks for the good they bring and for their presence in my life. You could write your own "gratitude statement."

Orders Fulfilled Table
You could create another table, an "Orders Fulfilled" table. This one only has two columns, "Item" and "Date Order Received". In here, write of whenever something wonderful or unexpected happens or when you receive an Order. Sometimes marvelous things come about which we have not even Ordered, and it is lovely to acknowledge and be grateful for those too. If you did not have these "gratitude" pages, you would not have anywhere to write them.

At the back of the book, you could write a couple of pages about your main Order. Write it as if it were already manifested and write down all the reasons you feel excited, happy, etc and what you are doing now that you have fulfilled your dream. You could use this section to describe the kind of life you want to live, or the main relationship in your life, or even describe yourself in the best of health. Remember to phrase it positively. You want to be asking for what you want, not what you do not want, otherwise the universe will simply deliver that.

The point of these pages is to help you get clear about what you truly want and enable you to give thanks that it is now on its way to you. Once your book is set up you can begin filling it. Begin with small Orders first and watch your confidence grow as you achieve them. Write your Order as if you were Ordering it from a catalogue i.e. "A new digital camera", "Good health always", etc. Then put the date you wish to receive it. Remember, that you are asking for "This, or something better" so the universe may decide to send your Order sooner or later than you requested. Do not worry about this. Just put your approximate date.

Do not begin by Ordering too much at once, otherwise you will get confused and it will seem like a lot to have happen. Just stick to a few simple things to start with.

Remember, this Ordering is not just for "goods"
You can ask for information, guidance, even help with relationships or health. If you are having doubts, you could always ask for faith in the process or even that your Cosmic Ordering should always be successful! If you make your book really beautiful you will enjoy looking at it each morning and evening and this will help to reinforce your intentions and remind you of your orders.

Some say we should just place our Order and forget it, but how, I wonder, will we know if our Orders are being fulfilled, if weve forgotten we Ordered them in the first place?

When an Order "arrives"
When an Order "arrives" put a bright sticker or big tick next to it and then add it to the gratitude table as well. Also, add any other lovely things that happen to you there. When you read this through, you will feel good knowing that great things are happening for you and it will reinforce your ability to allow things into your life and enhance your Ordering potential.

Writing things down neatly in the Cosmic Ordering Wish Book appeals to your left-logical brain, but you might also wish to use a cork board (manifestation board) and stick on it, write, draw or print out pictures of your desires too. That way, you are appealing to your right-intuitive brain as well. That side of your brain, which loves color and imagery. The "manifestation board" I use sits in front of my desk so that when Im working, I can look up at it and imagine myself receiving/using the lovely things on it. That way, Im constantly aware of how the universe is working for me to help bring my desires into my life. Perhaps you could create a manifestation board, too

Use your Wish Book daily
Leaf through your book once or twice a day, look at your board, and you will have a constant reminder of all the good the universe is sending you. Try and get the "feeling" that what you want is on its way. Become excited at the prospect. It is the "feeling" that helps create your desires as much as anything.

The universe may also require some help from you to fulfill your Order. Once you have placed your Order, be willing to act on any "hunches" or ideas you have. These may lead you to the fulfillment of your Order. A general rule about this is if it feels good and right, do it.

It is not quite ideal to "pretend" that you already have your Orders, because, somewhere deep in the back of your mind, you will be saying "rubbish!" and this will work against you. It is better if you just take the attitude that it is coming to you now.

Please do not give up. Too many people wait ages for things, then, just when the universe is about to deliver, they give up and proclaim, "This stuff does not work." Well, you can probably tell me what happens next! Yes, you are right. It doesnt work! If you can take the attitude that the things in your life now are a result of your past thoughts and that, from today, you will gradually begin to change your thoughts and ideas to more positive, uplifting ones, you wont go far wrong.

As each "Order" manifests itself for you, you will become more and more positive and happy, which, in turn, will create more and more positivity and happiness. Oh, and remember to always Order within the bounds of your capabilities.

Positive Power - The language of change
Here is an exercise to assist you to create and use images, the language of change. Words are helpful, of course, but it is when words are combined with images that deep change happens.
Choose a Power Scene. If you experience yourself as being in a "power position" right now, choose your current state of consciousness. If not, choose a time in the past that you recall that you were in a "power position". By "power position" I mean a place in your consciousness that tells you that you are empowered and powerful.
The dance floor, workplace, meditation, or a five-minute conversation may be the setting. However, the power is a force that comes from within yourself, not a power you have over someone else and not a power you get from someone else.

Write your scene in your Cosmic Ordering Wish Book. Write a description so that it is a clear statement about your living in your power right now. If you have chosen to describe a past event, write about it in the present tense. Feel it right here, right now. If that is awkward, write a first draft in the past tense as you tell the story of what was, then change the words to the present tense, dropping references to the circumstances so that you are referring only to yourself, your perceptions, and your feelings.

The 10 - 10s
Writing your 10 - 10s is a remarkably easy thing to do. All you have to do each morning or night is write down the 10 things you are grateful for, the 10 things you intend to do each day and the 10 things you delegate to the Cosmos to assist you with.

When you write them out every day you will see and feel positive shifts in your life. Plus you will have something super positive to reference any time you want that reminds you of how incredible your life truly is all the time.

I hope this helps ...

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