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Hi, I have been stuttering since I was 13 years old due to a tragic event that happened in my life. It has came back periodically over the years and it goes away but never permanently leaves me. I recently have forgiven the people in my past who have cause me harm and I would like to know how would I go about using Cosmic Ordering to release my stuttering permanently? Thank you.

Hello my Friend,

Sounds like you have a lot harbored within you. Firstly I would advise that you clear out all of those frozen personas from your past! You see every time you endure some sort of trauma your persona of that time is frozen. So in a whole lifetime you can have amassed tens or even hundreds of frozen personas! Can you imagine how many frozen personas a fighting soldier has bottled up in them over the time? This is why so many crack up!

This is the same of you, your frozen personas need to be unlocked before you even think about using Cosmic Ordering. Cosmic Ordering would only put a veneer over it for you.

There are many breathing exercises you can do to get over stuttering, but I am not a great fan of these as all you get is talk with heavy breathing in between, just as bad a stuttering!

You want to clear the old habit and get a way out of it, not be locked in it with constant breathing exercises.

So find a practitioner and get those frozen personas unlocked and empowered so they can move on.

Then you will make inroads into where you want to be.

Best wishes ever,

Stephen Richards

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