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Hi, I am driving through Central America and want to sell my car in either Nicaragua, Costa Rica or panama. I am struggling to find solid info about how or even whether this is possible, it's a Toyota 4runner 1994 and I have had a lot of interest but hear conflicting information on selling it and legal paperwork, government tax and (especially in Nicaragua) that because it is over 10 years old I can't sell it. Any information would be really appreciated, thank you

COSTA RICA: You can enter Costa Rica for 3 months with Canadian driver's license and license plates on car.  You have to remove car after 3 months or it can be impounded during routine stops (unlike in USA/Canada, the police do frequent random car stops to check paperwork, in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua).  You cannot bring car back into Costa Rica for 6 months after first and subsequent exits.
DUTY: You will pay about 130% the value of the car sold in USA or Canada in duty.  Duty is a percentage of the Blue Book value of vehicle, BUT DEPRECIATION IS ONLY FOR (I think) 10 YEARS.  I looked into importing my USA 1997 Land Cruiser, and it was more than $10,000, plus shipping costs of $900, on a car I bought in USA for $5000.  Duty is paid on CAR and TRANSPORT, so if you drive to CR, no duty on TRANSPORT.
Can't help you on Nicaragua.

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