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QUESTION: Have you ever heard of any shipping companies that have passenger/car ferries to anywhere in Central America?  Do you know might know for sure?  My father cannot fly (88 yrs. old) so there is no other way he could go. He also could not stand driving (riding) all the way either.  Any ideas?

Thank you so much!

ANSWER: Hi Alan!

Before I answer your question, please tell me where in the U.S. your father is.  That would help me answer the question better.



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QUESTION: Driving from Michigan to wherever the port would be.  Texas or Miami?

Thank you Luna for caring.

ANSWER: Hi Alan,

I found this thread on tripadvisor that may answer some of your questions:

I was going to say that the only possibilities I see are:  
a.  A cruise from Florida
b.  A bus from Mexico to Costa Rica on Ticabus

Is your father able to take long bus trips?  Or boat trips?  They take several days.

I really hope he can find a solution!

Let me know if I can be of further help.

Take care,

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QUESTION: Hi New Moon, what I will really be trying to do is find an assisted living facility that my dad can live in.  I am not trying to "get rid of him".  It is a complicated situation because my dad's Veteran's Benefit requires that he pay for assistance (while not living at home).  It has been just fine because I live close by and visit a lot.  I want us to live in Costa Rica and do the same.  I already know that you Ticos do not usually have your parents living in facilities like this.  But are there any of them at all at higher elevations.  I have heard of one near Lake Arenal but have not connected with them yet.  Any ideas how I could get a full list of all such facilities in CR?

Appreciate you!   Alan

Hi Alan!

Here are some websites that may help you get started.  There aren't many assisted living places in Costa Rica, so I don't know if they have availability.  If you ever want to do a search, type in "hogar de ancianos" or "asilo de ancianos".

These are the ones I found (I didn't find the one in Arenal):

All the best,

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