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QUESTION: I am a florida podiatrist. Unfortunately, my life became complicated several years ago after becoming addicted to pain medication. I am now in recovery, and my license suspension was stayed, the DOH has allowed me to return to work under guideline contract, and I have a physician recovery monitoring 5 year contract through the state of Florida to allow practice. I am fulfilling all requirements as such. I will complete probation for obtaining controlled substance by prescription in little over a year, and charges can be sealed with nolo contend adjudication withhold status. I know, not pretty, but I want to start over in life is my goal. So, my question is, once the records are sealed, is it feasible for me acquire Costa Rican residence, and subsequent podiatry work in the future? Also, does my license need to be active to transfer, or is the medical degree sufficient, since if don't complete my 5 year monitor contract, this will effect my Florida license.

ANSWER: If you can obtain a certified letter stating that you have not been convicted of a major crime, you can obtain residency.
You will also need a letter from the medical association that you are licensed and can practice or else you would probably have to do some other requirements with just the diploma, but it can also be done.
I can find out more details for you when you decide to start the residency process in Costa Rica, which I usually do for clients.
The residency process has to be filed before the medical license is applied for.

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QUESTION: Thankyou for the response, those steps will be possible to acquire. I am also unsure if I able to practice with  podiatry lisc, not medical md/do degree. Would able to practice under an md at a clinic if the dpm/  podiatry degree is not recognized by the country?

You will be authorized to practice according to the degrees that you have, wheather a clinic or hospital.
I will have to double check the specific case.
You will need to have a medical degree to practice as an MD.
Here they will authorize the equivalent degree or license in Costa Rica .  

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