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Hello.  I have a question about the Constitution of Costa Rica.  Who drafted it, and did the drafters of the Costa Rican Constitution of 1949 use the United States of America Constitution as a guide or as an example of what the Costa Rican Constitution should look like?  What are the main similarities and main differences of the 1949 Costa Rican and 1787 United States Consitutions?

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The 1949 Constitution of Costa Rica which is the one in use today was drafted by the  " Commission of Founders of the Second Republic " leaded by Jose Figueres Ferrer on May 8th, 1949.
It established immedeatly the individual, national and social rights of the people.
It also returned the empower to President Otilio Ulate Blanco as the candidate who honestly won the elections and was overthrown before the civil war in 1948.
The  Commision was formed by the following members:  José Figueres Ferrer, Benjamín Odio Odio, Minister of Foreign Relations; Gonzalo Facio Segreda, Minister of Police; Alberto Martén Chavarría, Minister of Economy, Tax and Comerce; Uladislao Gámez Solano, Minister of Public Education; Francisco Orlich Bolmarcich, Minister of Public Roads; Bruce Masís Diviasi, Minister of Agriculture and Industry; Raúl Blanco Cervantes, Minister of Public Health;  Father Benjamín Núñez, Minister of Labor and Edgar Cardona Quirós, Minister of Public Security.
The Constitution of 1949 was based on the Costarrican  Constitution of 1871 in turn this constitution was based on the temporary constitution also known as " Pacto de Concordia " from 1821-1823.
The Constitution of Spain 1812 was used before the Pacto de Concordia of 1821 in Costa Rica.
On June 24th, 1824 the Constitution of the Central American Federation of  Republics was written by Manuel Jose Arce (1st President of the Federation) and he based it on the Constitution of the USA.
The main difference between  the Cosntitution of Costa Rica and the USA, is that the Costarrican constitution has the Catholic religion as the official religion of the government and country, however it also establishes freedom of religion for it's inhabitants.
Other than that I do not see any significant differences.

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