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Deby Garcia wrote at 2009-02-23 14:44:44
I have read this story and it makes me sick to my stomach. My husband and I sold everything we owned in 2005 to move to Costa Rica to work with William Ogen. He had offered my husband a job as partner and guide at his resort on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. My husband left his job as a federal security officer for the US, and moved Costa Rica in October of 2005. My husband was going to sign partnership papers with William when he arrived and then start working. My husband would be selling Real Estate for William as well as guiding for the resort. I stayed in the US to sell our home and put what little things we had left on a ship to come to Costa Rica in January of 2006. I moved there in December of 2005 also. After we arrived there and got settled into a home that William offered to let us stay in while we were selling this home things started to change. William had borrowed money from my husband and did not pay him. William would no longer return my husbands emails and then to make things worse, within two weeks of me being there in our new country William decided that he wanted us to leave the home and he had us leave there. We were now homeless and had no income coming in. And William would not pay my husband back. And to make things even worse our things were on the ship coming over from the US with no place to put them. William not only scamed us out of our home and money but he also upon my husbands arrival to Costa Rica, William told my husband that he, William would take care of all the paperwork along with his attorney regarding my husbands weapons, and the weapons would have the clearance to pick them up in 1 week.My husband had gotten clearance from the US government before he left for Costa Rica. He had worked for a federal agency prior to moving to Costa Rica. So he had his weapons moved with him. There were 3 weapons in his case locked up in their own individual cases. My husband never seen his weapons again. In February 2006 we had to come back to the US we could not stay in Costa Rica with everything we had gone. Our family helped us to return to the US. After we arrived back home in the US we got an e-mail from William and his attorney stating that he, William had my husbands weapons and that he would give them back to my husband if he paid William some money. That is extortion. And we notified the Federal government along with all emails from William and reported the weapons stolen. This man William is a con artist. What is so sad and horrible is he is doing that to fellow Americans. William is an American. He is going to hurt so many people. It is such a shame. We loved the Country of Costa Rica. We loved the people there. We made many friends their. We had planned to live on the resort and have a long happy life there. But circumstances changed that and we are now in the US. But some day we hope to come and visit again. I feel very sorry for this couple who wrote to you and lost what they had also. We have been there. We are still to this very day trying to rebuild our lives and start over. We had nothing when we came back to the US>

lrgardn wrote at 2009-03-11 02:15:01
Dear Deby,

I am interested in your story.  We had some contact with this person in 2004.  Is there a way to talk to you without our information being on the Internet?

I am Lori R.

Thank you and I hope we can talk.

William wrote at 2009-04-27 19:57:07
Dear Mrs. Garcia,

I can see that your husband has obviously given you an incorrect story to the reality of when he was here in Costa Rica without you.

One, I still have the wepaons that your husband tried to import into the country without proper permissions. If it wasnt for me paying for them (As Dave had aksed to borrow the money) to be taken out from customs they would have been confiscated by the Government and never returned. As I told your husnband then and now, if he pays the $1,800.00 fee that was charged for retreiving his merchandise I will glaldy return the merchandise.

As for asking your husband to leave my property. If he wouldnt have cuased so many problems for my staff, neighbors and paid rent he would probably still be here.

Sorry for your experiences  

Eva Lawrence wrote at 2010-10-31 02:16:03
Interesting that I never saw this from Mrs. Garcia when I tried to google William Ogen. I assume this is the same William Ogen who sold me and my husband a lot, then tried to resell it.

He provided false documents regarding the actual size of the lot and what we could do with it. In the end we lost everything we invested with that scam artist. Investors BEWARE. If he ever comes back to the states, I hope he gets arrested!

cofta wrote at 2013-03-18 16:54:33
William Ogen tried to sell us a "buildable beach lot" on Playa Palo Seco, Puntarenas.   When my Tica friend visited the municipality in Parrita, she discovered that this lot was too narrow to put a building on and also discovered a number of other problems with the land.   William Ogen is a scam artist.   RUN, to not walk from this creep.

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