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Iris wrote at 2014-03-11 00:14:58
When my daughter (born in Costa Rica) got married , my son in law's parents brought from Canada all the documents needed to apply for residency, and hired Gonzalo Víquez Oreamuno to do the process, paying $1640 in advance.

He clearly told us the residency would be delivered three months after the wedding date, since the documents would be presented right away to open the file.

After three months and a week, and getting excuses and delays from Gonzalo,and also having several job offers waiting, we go to Inmigration to find out the file had not being open until that week, and three documents were still missing ...(They were at the firm's office since October, this was January )

30 years of experience in Inmigration???All Experts?

It's been 5 months now since we hired this firm, and all we get are fake promises, so inefficient and irresponsible!

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RESIDENCY PROCEDURES. I can answer all common questions regarding Immigration Procedures in Costa Rica. We have more than 30 year experience regarding Immigration Law in our country. Our intrest is to guide foreigners or future residents of all legal requirements for residency applications.




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