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I want to buy an Arrow ring, Does anyone here know where I could get quality one?

I am not sure what you mean by an arrow ring.. Would it be shaped as an arrow or would it be signed by a designed named Arrow. I can help you with either just be more specific, even better if you have a photo I may be able to locate a similar..
waiting to respond,
Valerie Terracciano

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Valerie Terracciano


I can look at pictures and tell if it is costume or fine jewelry and I also have done appraising by photos. I know how to identify makers by their signatures and initials, hallmarks.


I have 20 years of experience pricing and selling vintage costume jewelry. I have sold on EBay for over 10 years and have worked over 100 antique shows worldwide selling buying and collecting antique jewelry. I have recently opened my first online webs tore where I am selling my costume jewelry

I do not belong to any organizations.

I have most of my publicans on my own website.

Self educated through 20 years of reading researching books and Internet.

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