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Czech necklace
Czech necklace  

blue brooch
blue brooch  
Hi Valerie,

Can you tell if this necklace is Czech?  I love the various materials used.  No marks on this one.

The second picture is a brooch with a blue stone set in silver.
No marks on it either.  The closure is a pin that slips under a bent piece of metal.  It looks handcrafted.  I can send a picture of the pin's back if you need to look at it.

I hope you enjoy a mystery.  ;)


Hello.. You know a bit about jewelry. Yes, it appears to be a czech festoon necklace; very nice! The second piece is for a scarf I am guessing from the description, but would have to see the back to say for sure.. Dont think it is handmade, there are marcasites  on the metal,  cant say it is sterling.. The stone looks dirty, if it is glass (cold to the touch hard on the teeth) It is quality piece, if it is plastic, it is low quality and for sure not sterling..Thank you for sharing your pieces with me.. Hope this helped yoy!

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I can look at pictures and tell if it is costume or fine jewelry and I also have done appraising by photos. I know how to identify makers by their signatures and initials, hallmarks.


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