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QUESTION: My dad bought this random assortment of things from Ebay and among them was a brooch. It's a gold rabbit head with straight ears and red eyes. From what research my dad has done, it's a DeNicola piece, however, we have been unable to find one with red eyes. So my question is, is it a rare thing or something worth a lot?

ANSWER: Hi Brianna,
Unsigned Denicola? Is it signed on the back? I cant confirm without a picture. Make sure the eyes are original to the piece. If you see most common a certain color eyes and they are not red, your brooch probobly holds more value, yes for sure.. Denicola is a good name, but not Tops for vinatge costume jewelry..

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QUESTION: The Brooch is not signed that I can see and I'm unsure about wheter or not the eyes are original. It is exactly how we got it. Here is a picture, if you can get it this way.

ANSWER: Can't view the picture, sorry :( If you se th esame brooch and it is a variation of it I would say a rare color would be 25-40% more to mark up . Good luck with the brooch,

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DeNicola Bunny
DeNicola Bunny  
QUESTION: I figured out how to send a picture with this about the Denicola brooch so here you are, I hope this helps.

It  is a lovely brooch. The eye color is amazing! Thank you for sharing with me. It is a Denicola unsigned brushed gold straight ear bunny brooch. You can do a google search and find a few others and get a good idea of its worth. I love it, thank you for sharing.

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