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Costume Jewels/Gold tone brooch with rhinestones?


great grandmother
great grandmother  
great grandmother
great grandmother  
QUESTION: I received ton of jewelry from my great grandmother and grandmother. I've been doing all I can to determine value and era, even bought some books, but even the books are confusing to me as a beginner. I am to meet with a lady tomorrow who said she would help price and would buy some of it. I just want to have some knowledge before I go meet her. Thank you for all your help.

ANSWER: Often times it is what you think to have the least value to be worth the most. Usually people who say they will buy some and appraise some will take advantage of you. If you take a picture of all of it in one pile, I can pick out for you what is valuable. The top picture you sent me is costume jewelry and not to valuable.Both pieces not to old, from the 1950-1960s The flower with pearl I could better identify by seeing the back of it.. Is there a name written on it? Is there in tiny letters on the pin 10 or 14k? If it is real gold, i am sure it is worth a bit..

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QUESTION: It's not signed and no stamping, which is making it much harder to judge price value, I do have some signed pieces though. Is there anyway you could give me a money value on these two? Just in case she trys to offer me something that is not a fair price. I'll get the others out to do a group picture. I REALLY do appreciate what you are doing.

ANSWER: Usually the dealers are after your gold and antiques. You can always say no. Then you will know which pieces have value..The rhinestone brooch is worth about $6-$10 and the Flower with pearl if not real gold is about $10-$15. They will have little interest in purchasing these items if they are not gold.

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Group front  

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Group Back  
QUESTION: Hi again Valerie,

So only if it is real gold/silver, got it. If not signed and not real then worth around $6 to $15, got it.  What about the Signed pieces? are those also not worth very much? Or does it depend on who signed the piece and when it was made?

Thanks again and again

A lovely group of costume jewelry collectible and in very good condition I am sure. Era spans mostly 1960s and mostly vintage rather than antiques. Not much value here but an item that grabbed attention is the brooch next to the fur brooch. is it opals? Do you have any other items? plastic pieces?  

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I can look at pictures and tell if it is costume or fine jewelry and I also have done appraising by photos. I know how to identify makers by their signatures and initials, hallmarks.


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