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Mike wrote at 2014-04-02 08:43:49
Sarah, you've been repeatedly hypocritical (two-timing L and Z, jealousy and judgmental of Z in an unforgivable way (he does not owe anyone fidelity -- that is a "religious dogma" which his body rejects while his mind attempts to reconcile a society of judgers like yourself.  Fidelity is not natural, it is not your right; you do not deserve it -- nobody does. )

Now, you are feeling much like Z did when you left him but you are turning to others to validate your feelings.

Have you considered that "this girl" does not judge him the same way?

I hope Z is happy, and you have learned from your loss: don't be controlling of men, it does not work.  Eventually their balls remind them they don't have to kowtow to any one woman's unreasonable demands.  That is probably why Z stopped waiting.

As for Z's "admission" of being a "sex addict" -- I've already addressed that.  These are lies which both you, and our culture pushed into his head.  They are false, and Z won't be truly healthy until he sheds the self-hate imposed by jealous, fearful, controlling people (like you.)  


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Experiences of prejudice among individuals in African American and Caucasian Interracial Marriages: A Q-methodological Study (Doctoral Dissertation - December 2008; Wilsnack and Beckman's book: Alcohol Problems in Women (1984). Alcohol use and marital violence: Female and Male Differences in reactions to alcohol(pages 260-279.

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