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while in college, I was bullied by a crazy roommate who proceeded to violate my privacy by listening to my phone conversations,going over my personal things and reading my personal journal.When I found out that she read my personal journal , I was horrified and quite traumatized as I write extremely private stuff in it.She showed zero remorse or guilt for what she did but looked embarrassed when others found out.

After a few years, while doing some emotional healing I remembered an incident that happened in school. I lost a scholarship that some of my classmates had won.My parents gave me a hard time for that and I felt very insecure. I wanted to know what grades my classmates got but was too shy to ask and instead chose to snoop.

Now am feeling very guilty for what I did. This is the only time I have ever snooped and did so out of insecurity and not with any malicious intent or motive.But am still feeling guilty and feel that am no different when compared to my bully roommate.

How to get over my guilt?

Hi BB,

Guilt is an emotion that non of us should hold on to.  It means you have to pay for something.

We all make mistakes, some we wished we never would have. You can't go back and change it.  You have to let go. It certainly isn't doing you any good.

It is OK to let go now and forgive yourself.

Endeavor to not repeat the behavior and you will be alright.

If this becomes difficult to release, I have some methods for doing that. Just let me know.

Graig :>D


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