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Hi, I'm a freshman in college and I have been in therapy for several years and I absolutely adore my therapist, she has done so much for me and helped me work through depression, anxiety and self injury problems. However, while working with her she has brought up that she believes I may have been sexually abused. In her words walks like a duck talks like a duck must be a duck. I however have no memory of sexual abuse. She thinks that my masturbation during elementary school which I continue to use to self sooth before I can go to bed each night. I also have very few memories of elementary school and I am unable to place events of those years especially around the time my grandpa whom I was very close to died at age 7. I really need a second opinion on whether or not I could have been sexually abused. I have no memories and my mother insists that there is no way and everyone I ask says they don't think so. I don't even know if I want to remember because I have come so far with the relationship I have with my parents and I don't want to break up my family. I don't remember anything and i don't know what to think. please help me. thanks so much.

Hi Micaela,

It sounds like you have come a long way with your therapist and also becoming closer with your family.

Your therapist may be unintentionally pushing her will from what she has studied in text book and that may be why she said:"if it walks like a duck talks like a duck must be a duck." I suggest you tell her that you and your family talked about it and you feel you are positive you have not been sexually abused.  Also ask the therapist why she seems to insist (maybe "insist" is not the right word) or seems to bring up sexual abuse.   

You can tell her you like working with her, but want to move on in therapy and you feel there is no need to talk about sexual abuse.  If the therapist wants to believe you may have been sexually abused, tell her you accept that, and if you every remember that you were actually abused, then she will be the first to know.

You can also tell her that "you cannot tell a book by its cover."  That might help with her "duck" thinking.

I hope my thoughts have helped you.  Take care,

Dr. Pat  


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