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I'm a 37 year old woman with austim n have a speech problem which made me very weak to stand up to other kids.

When I was about 11 my 9 year old school friend molested me during a sleepover n jumped on top of me during a game n tried to make out with me. I let go over that thinking she was just messing about

I have been blaming myself cause of my speech problems I didn't like to talk much n was very shy n easy led. She asked me to touch her boob which of course I did cause I thought she would bully me or jump on top of me again. She asked to do stuff to me a week or so before that time n I said no n thought she was messing about again. Anyway I was being badly bullied n during that time I was ganged up on by two girls in a corner of my street which made me feel very weak. I have been blaming myself for those things that happened to me cause of her age. I know I should of knew better but I have a few metal issues. Am I to blame

You were only 11 years old, and you were threatened and forced to do what you did not want to do. No you are not to blame. What would you say to your own daughter if she had the same experience? You would probably be angry at the bullies and go to the school headmaster.


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