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Hello! I wrote this on another website because I needed help but this time I'm asking advice/help from this site.Here it goes:
I will put this short.
I don't live in the USA,I live in Europe(won't tell you where exactly).
Until now,I had no real friends.The only ones I had were scum and only made fun of me.Believe it or not.
That's been a while but I still don't have much appetite for anyone.
Anyway I tried to "socialize" (wrote it in commas because socialization actually happens before my age) by going out with my new classmates but nothing worthy happened,it was boring as hell.They either talk about something I gave no damn about or people I don't know of. Also,I can't decipher how people can talk so much(and many times utterly useless things).I'm not a retard,nor have Asperger's syndrome but I simply only talk when it's necessary,when I have to offer or ask for information. I'm already really apathetic concerning people and relationships/friendships, I only asked this question because I'm under pressure by my parents.Also don't have any siblings.Despite that,I'm curious of what information/advice you can offer.
I'm 19 and I'm staying at home because I ****** up my graduation and now I have to try it again.
Attention! I cannot get a decent job.The only job I can get from this kind of qualification is a street sweeper,which I don't want and it pays so scarcely it isn't even worth it.
If everything is true,I shall have my high-school graduation this or next month and if I pass,I will go to college or university or learn a profession.IF I pass it...
The school stuff was just some background,please concentrate on the "socialization" thing.
And don't recommend me stuff that I already know (i.e find friends similar to your interests,be open minded,go to sports,go to some school events) if you can.

As an explanation for why I used "retard",I wrote this:Yes,I wrote the word retard,because that's what an ordinary man might think of when he reads that I don't speak much and care less for other people's comments. Also,that's what they might think when they see me not caring about their comments and not laughing at ordinary jokes.(sometimes I have to fake a laugh to not seem like a retard,and it gets tiresome already). I know Autism isn't some kind of retardation,I knew that already.

And also,Autistic people don't really bother of what other people think of them,they do not look into their eyes/faces when they talk with them,things like this and as far as I'm informed, "don't see" other people's emotions.
The above is not true for me,I'm also vigilant and to some extent suspicious,and so to say neurotic.By the way I was REALLY neurotic in my childhood,not that much now.

I know from experience that when my "normal" classmates who saw autistic people immediately were thinking and saying that something is wrong with these guys and they seem to be some retards.

Now this is still prevalent and I need to find some solution to this.

Hello Michael - It sounds like your real problem is your parents "pressuring you" to be more "social," rather than accepting you as you are. Needing and enjoying social contact is not subject to willpower or logical reasoning, any more than digesting your food is.

I suspect there are several underlying problems:

1] parental guilt feeling like they've done something wrong because you're not "social" by their standards. This is their problem, not yours.

2] you may have inherited psychologtical wounds from your parents, causing low self esteem and low self-confidence - which promote social distance;

3] your parents and schools may have been unable to teach you effective communication skills, which causes you family stress and social discomfort;

4] Your parents don't realize they're creating a "Be spontaneous!" paradox by asking you to be someone other than who you are. That's like asking a vegetarian to want to like eating meat.

Overall, I suggest you:

# ask your parents to accept who you are, and focus on supporting you graduating and getting a satisfying job;

# check to see if you may have inherited psychological wounds that are inhibiting you socially. If you have, choose a long-rang view and work patiently to reduce your wounds over time. Use this free online "lesson"

Option - alert your parents to the wound-inheritance cycle with compassion, not blame.

# If you're motivated to upgrade your social skills for your own reasons [vs to please your parents], see this for options:

If you have questions on any of this, please ask! - Pete  


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