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"My son has 12 years old, three years ago that he takes medication for bipolar disorder ... He is very aggressive, violent and shows no feeling for anyone! I've thought about put him in a boarding school, but I'm afraid of the consequences. How can I help my child?"


Please, please, please do not put him in boarding school just yet. I have a client now who sounds like your son. He was on medications as a child and was in boarding school. Although his parents meant well, he is just now getting the help he needs (with me) with neurofeedback and mineral rebalancing. This young man went from an out-of-control, angry person who didn't care about his future to being a calm, respectful, college student who wants to live a honorable life. He used to be angry and got into fights all the time. He's completely changed. And it happened so fast.

Please google "Lens neurofeedback" to learn about what it is and how it can help your son. This may be enough to turn things around. If it isn't, check out "hair mineral analysis." Your son's problem may be due to diet and toxins. Either one of these techniques can (possibly) make your calm without drugs. The change is permanent.

Best of luck to you,

Laura Giles, LCSW


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