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Hello Daniel,

I'm a male 27 years old, single, and working abroad here in Saudi Arabia. I've monitored myself and I always have this feeling every now and then, that I feel alone and depressed. I know that this is part of being homesick in abroad.

But I'm concern more on my girlfriend, we are far apart from each other and we are in a long distance relationship for 3 years. I fear that my girlfriend will look and flirt with other guys because I'm not with her and comfort her. I also fear that he will fall out of love with me because sometimes I can feel that she is bored.

Sometimes she mentioned about some other guy friend of her asking for her mobile number, and she gave it to him. Because she told me, she is just trying to be nice. But she has no intention in flirting with that guy, but the guy is flirting so much with my girlfriend. Then I let her handle that situation because I trusted her.

Then after a while, a girl and she is a lesbian, tried to be friend with my girlfriend. She tells me that the lesbian girl had a crush with her, so they dine one time before going home and again my girlfriend said she is trying to be nice. Because she can't immediately be rude to a person. Then of course I understand her and I'm just jealous when she is nice to others.

I'm just telling her that I'm a little but jealous and tell her that she is a big girl and can handle things.

But every now and then I feel this feeling that what if she is just trying to be nice to others and fall in love with some other guy because I'm too far away from her and we are just being together every vacation.

How can I overcome such depression? I kept thinking about what if she is bored and so nice to others that she will try to mingle with other guys.

It is possible she will have another relationship. To keep your connection with her, you must write and phone often and tell her you are counting the days until you return to her arms. Express your feelings of fear and sadness about being apart. Tell her often how much you love her.


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