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I was in a very bad marriage, which ended 6 years ago. I wasn't able to deal with the event that happened during those years until just this last year when I began seeing a therapist. She has helped me to identify a lot of marital rape along with many other things. The rape has been the hardest to deal with. I just recently revealed a incident of forced oral, and I have a few questions. He was determined that I was going to give him deep throat. He put me down on my knees and locked his hands behind my head. I couldn't breathe. I tried to get him to stop, but he just kept on. I panicked! I began hitting him with my hands until he finally gave up. Why could I not breathe? Does deep throating actually block your air way or was it more of a mind thing where I just thought I couldn't breathe? What would have happened if he continued? Would I have passes out? Maybe these things really don't make a big difference, but they do to me. I'm just trying to process it all. I appreciate your help!


Anything in your throat could cause you to choke and/or cut off your air supply. It doesn't mean it WILL (think about eating) it just means it COULD.

If your air was cut off and your husband continued to block your airway passages, you probably would have passed out. If your air is cut off long enough, you die (of course). This is not typically what happens during oral sex (just as you don't typically choke during eating), but if someone is too forceful or insensitive it certainly could happen.


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