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I am 22 year old male, living in Bangladesh.
I have been dealing with OCD, Depression and Social Anxiety for the past 5 years.

The issue is that I am very bad in social skills. I cant have fun like other people of my age do. I have seen them laughing with one another, sharing stories, being a little mischievous forming bonds and communication. Yet I cant be like the average and have social fun.

I can easily start a conversation with strangers, yet this small talk consists mainly of questions from my side and though serves as an ice-breaker it does not lead to a full-conversation.

And what I have seen is that these small talks never lead to a two-sided conversation and neither does it lead to bonding or having fun.

I hope I was able to make you understand the specifics of my problem, since I dont know the exact word for it.

So what do I do?? Any suggestions or articles you would suggest?


I just read your message, I can see how dealing with OCD and social anxiety can make it difficult to relate with people in general; my advice is to see a therapist and have some sessions, I know how you might want to deal with this by yourself, but seeing a therapist can help you understand what exactly scares you about the social environment and develop the skills you need to relate to people.
About what you can do by yourself, you can initiate as many conversations as you can and first observe yourself, see in what point does the conversation end, what do you do at that point? and do something very different from what you would normally do. This can be very difficult to do by yourself, that is why I suggested a therapist to keep you motivated and give you a new perspective.

I hope this helps,  


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