I have a two part question and hope you will be able to answer at least something :-).  
I was wondering if you had any specific suggestions or ideas of some art therapy projects I can use at work with my clientele.  I work in a residential substance abuse facility with adolescents.
My other question is for me specifically.  I am a sexual abuse survivor and am working on my self care.  Is their any art therapy projects that may help me with forgiving myself and aiding me in increasing my self-worth?

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for your letter. I am also a sexual abuse survivor.
My master's thesis is posted online:
You can find descriptions of the art activities I used here: (scroll down to "Appendix B" or "Creative Activities."
Feel free to use anything in my thesis, because I posted it online after years of people writing to me wishing to see it.
You can use the same activities in your personal work.
Here is a list of my favorite books and authors who have helped me the most.
The Courage to Heal Workbook, by Laura Davis
Betrayal of Innocence, by Susan Forward and Craig Buck
Breaking Down the Wall of Silence, by Alice Miller
Thou Shalt Not be Aware, by Alice Miller
These are the best resources I have found after nearly twenty-five years of research.
My own books that discuss child abuse are Child of the Cult and Cult Survivors Handbook (see
Please write back if you want to discuss further,


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Books by Nori:
Dreaming Peace: Your Thoughts Can Change the World, a history of positive thinking and how to practice it in the post-9/11 world.
Child of the Cult, a collection of stories about children who grew up in restrictive religious groups.
Cult Survivor's Handbook: Seven Paths to an Authentic Life, a recovery handbook for people who had a bad experience in a group.

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