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Counseling/help me discipline myself, please


I am currently in yr 12, my final and most important year of schooling and I have really hard time to keep myself focused. Whenever, I get to studying or working or anything academic I end up doing something else or sometime I just end up messing around. I get diverted quickly and can't resist myself  from doing other things. So my percentage of time I do actual study is very low. I have tried to follow a timetable but it didn't work out for me. PLEASE help me! so I can better use my study time."

Dear Rajdeep,

The time table idea is very good, the reason why it didn't work was because you probably didn't include relaxing pauses (or not enough), and the best way to create a time table is to actually begin your day with a relaxing activity, to get it out of your system.
Study time shouldn't be more than 6 hours a day, with pauses of 1 hour (eating, sleeping, etc.) after each 2 hours of study.
When you study the memory process works best like this: the first time you study the information you do a certain number of repetitions (ex. 2 repetitions) this means after a break of 1 day or 2, you should repeat the same information using half the number of repetitions you did the first time (in my example 1 repetition).
Also use your resources, if you have visual memory, use that (use colors and writing and making tables etc), the same goes for every other representation system (auditory or kinesthetic); when I work with clients with the same issue as you, I find very useful to actually combine the sensory modalitiees, for example reading out load, or if it is something practical you are learning, learn the theory while you actually do what you learn.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have questions,  


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