I am 32 and male and have run into another snag in my life, and am having a rather depressed night. I don't suppose there are people one could talk to late at night either on phone or in a chatroom for free? I am not suicidal or anything, but I just feel incredibly down right now. Some problems just keep reoccuring in my life. Money problems are the main issue, but also that the things I buy with what I have don't seem to hold up as well as they should, and it just makes me feel as useless as the only things I can afford to buy myself.

Hello James,

There aren't any depression hotlines exactly that I know about. You can check out or for a list of 24 hour hotlines to talk to people, but they are mainly for suicide, abuse, or things like that.

Another suggestion is to try It's a self-help social community where you can gain skills, network with other people who are going through life's problems, and possibly help you get over the hump.

There also appears to be a depression chat room here:

Good luck!

Laura Giles, LCSW  


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