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Dear sir/madam,
I need some advice on how to concentrate on study and how to cure restless thinking. I am having very much problem in concentrating in my studies.
My name is Aashish Kumar, I am from India CG. I am 25 years old male and an unemployed MBA.

I have a bad habit of thinking useless things all the time since my childhood. This is why I can't concentrate on any task for long time.
When ever I try to read a book, I read it for some minutes or only for one minute and I don't know how my mind starts thinking something else and I become lost in thoughts for at least half an hour or more. I always know that I am thinking useless things and I should start reading the book. But I find my self unable to stop these thoughts because of the strong habit of thinking. I find myself enjoying these thoughts and these thoughts are linked to another thought and I become engaged in thinking so many things that all of my study hours are passed in thinking these useless things.
Some times I keep thinking so much that I start having head ache because of the restless thinking. I want to stop these useless thoughts. But I feel as if these thoughts are not in my control.
I always waste all of my study hours in thinking useless interesting things and I keep passing the task on tomorrow.

I became a failed in 12th standard in school and passed in on two attempts because of this thinking habit.
I didn't studied well in graduation as I kept thinking useless things until the exams were very near. And got an average marks.
Then I tried to prepare for entrance exam for MBA but the same happened again. I kept thinking and enjoying useless thoughts until the entrance exam was very near, and I got bad very less marks in exam and got admission in a very backward cheap college. This is why I am still unemployed even after passing one year after completion of MBA.
And since I am not getting any job on MBA basis, so now I am preparing for competition exams to get a government job. But again I am having the same problem.
I don't want to be lost in thoughts all the times but I don't know when I start thinking and I start enjoying these thoughts even if I know that I am not doing right and I should start study.

I have collected many motivational quotes and I keep reading those quotes again and again to keep me motivated to study. But these are also not working well.
I have been meditating for last 5 years but this is also not working as I can't concentrate also in meditation.
I do self hypnosis too, but this is also useless for me.
I keep all the distracting things away from me while studying. But my habit of thinking since childhood is the main cause of this restless thinking.

Please give me some tips on how to stop thinking and how to concentrate on study.

Hmmm...Aashish, right?

How do you know that what you are thinking are useless?  What made you think they were useless?  As a human being who is created in the image and likeness of God I don't think that what you are thinking are useless.  However, it may sound and look like useless because they don't jive to what you are supposed to be doing, right?  I guess it is not your mind that is a problem, may be your mindset.  So one thing that you can do aside from usual meditation and self-help relief that you are currently engaging with, is that why don't you find someone your friend or relative that can help you do your work or studying.  They say that if you cant do it yourself, maybe two heads are better than one.  I know you are in your mid 20's and most people on these age categories are very much ambitious and adventurous.  Which one of these characteristic do you have?  Only you can answer but I believe you are both in these categories.  As you seek adventure in your mind you are also ambitious because you want to have material things on hand.  These are all good but you need to have balance of everything and if you do it yourself without further help it's kinda heavy and stressful and that's what causing you to be unfocused on your studies.  Again, you need to have a partner that you can trust, it could be male or female, a friend, relative, brother, sister or even an enemy that can challenge you or inspire you or help you.  It could also be an older person or younger person.  Just ask that person to guide you make your plan of action throughout the day, week, months.  And if they put you down keep moving and trust your heart, that's all it matters anyway.  Take care and hope this helps :)


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