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so i am 17 and i live with my single parent dad and my little brother. and well for starters i am very lazy and I'm slow at getting this done. i haven't gotten my permit yet or a job and i just stay in my room all day, mainly because i listen to music and be on the Internet. my dad gets mad and tells me that I'm shutting him out. for me not doing things he tells me that I'm not trying hard enough and that when he was my age he was on his own and ask so why should he help me like getting permits and jobs. he is always yelling at me and my brother and it hurts a lot because at the end of him yelling he calls us idiots and says we're useless and says that we are unbelievable. i know my dad loves me but sometimes i feel like i am and ask myself if I'm so useless why'd did you have me in the first place or why are you taking care of me if i can't do anything? or why am i alive if i can't help you?  i usually get very sad and wish that i was dead...and I've never thought of that before till I've turned 15. please, i just wish for a good answer to why this is happening...


Why is this happening? Well, it sounds like your father is doing the best that he can, but doesn't have the skills to handle this in a way that would work better for you because the two of you are different.

My suggestion is to get out of your room. Get off the internet. Get involved in real life rather than virtual life. The more involved you are, the more motivated you will be.

Or perhaps there is a reason why you have no motivation. Being "lazy" is a sign that something is wrong. Maybe it's time to see a doctor or counselor. There could be a physical reason (like a vitamin deficiency or some sort of toxicity) why you aren't more enthusiastic about life. Or maybe it's an emotional reason. Especially if you are feeling sad and wishing you were dead.

Please talk to a professional.


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