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i am 22, i have a girl friend in the same age, we have been best friends for  a long time. she has gone through a raugh devorce recently, but she has been handling it well until a couple of weeks ago. she doesnt talk well to me and answers with a word or two when chatting together, and whenever i want to go out with her or see her, there are always excuses or she doesnt feel like it. and she has been acting very weird, when talking to her in a normal way she always jumps and starts acting like im corning her or pressuring her !  which am not ! and a month ago she started working in a stressful job which might be the reason why she is acting like this but im not sure what to do. she is the type who would hide her weakness or anything bothering her, so i dont know how to reach her.. what to say? how to handle the situation or what things should i do to help her lessen the stress and be normal again... please i want mybest friend back and i dont know what to do :( help me!

Hello Luna,

Why not just ask her outright what is going on and how you can help. "It seems like you don't want to go out with me anymore. I feel like I am pressuring you. What's going on?" Take her at her word. It's all you can do. You can't read her mind. You can't give her what she doesn't want. All you can do is be there the best you can.

Best of luck,
Laura Giles


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