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Counseling/choice of career +living problem in new place


"sir ,
i am a resident of haldwani (district nainital) in uttrakhand my name
is akshit joshi and i have passed my 12th class.  

SIR THE PROBLEM IS THAT I HAD INTERESTED IN DOING B.SC SO I TOOK ADMISSION IN DELHI UNIVERSITY (though my parents suggested me BUT NOW i am not able to adjust happily in delhi and i have doubts against my choice.its been about 1week in delhi.please guide me.i am badly under depression.

Hi akshit
Its not so easy to accept some decisions the decisions made by ones parents especially as it may sometimes have adverse effect on our future. I will suggest that you stop thinking too much about the decision by your parents as regards your choice of course. The following may be useful
1. Forgiveness is vital to the healing process. If you feel bad each time you think about their decision to force you to do the B.Tech Program,you may find it difficult to forgive them. Please learn to forgive them.
2. Make maximum use of whatever situation you find yourself
3. Try to make new friends and do some outdoor activities that would help drain those negative feelings
4. Learn to adjust to your new environment, course and life in Delhi by making deliberate effort to refuse to be discouraged.
5. Finally, everything that happens in life may be for our own good. The B.Tech program may eventually open doors of opportunities for you if you eventually chose to look on the bright side of life.

Wishing you all the best  


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