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Counseling/WHat career I should choose and how to deal with depression due to school, stress, people and life?


Recently, my grades in my science subjects have declined severely on average even though I have worked hard. I worked hard I know coz I have been getting much improved and in fact excellent results in English. In the past, in my junior years, I have worked hard and have always done well through all my subjects. I have anxiety problem and do take extreme stress. But now it seems like I permanently struggle in those science subjects (Physics, Engineering) even when I relatively stress free. I take more time to understand than most. At times, I fall behind. I ask too many questions. Once speaking to my mum, she told me that I have too many things in mind, which tells me that I have a CONVULATED, TANGLED state of mind. I plan on taking engineering in university. Even though I have generally done a lot better in engineering compared to Physics. Should I reconsider my career options? Then, what should I see? I know my mum would be upset. Also, I was planning to see a psychologist. Would that be a good idea?

Hi Rajdeep,

It's a pleasure to help you but again, my answer is not limited to what you can do to help yourself out to the course you really want to pursue as your career.   

I know that as we get older we tend to think a lot regarding how are we going to handle our endeavor.  But you know what it is not uncommon for anyone to think overly over things that we want to do in life.  I would say, that as this generation is tend to be socially close around the world we overload ourselves with too much expectations.  

One thing I could tell you is that you can write down a list of expectations.  You can put categorize those expectations to light, medium and hard.  You can also add the goals beside each category.  Then write down how you feel on each.  At the end of the column, you can also put a reward to which you feel you accomplish your goals and expectations.  If you feel that you have not fulfilled your expectations or goals I suggest that you try a little less of your goals to achieve until you are comfy enough to do the bigger ones.  

With this exercise, anxiety and struggle can be reduced. When you feel upset, be rewarded with the effort that you did a good job for trying. And if you feel behind, take a deep breath and say to yourself that tomorrow I'll take a baby step tomorrow and I'll try to get better.  

Of course, you can always see a psychologist to help you more in phasing your activities, I guess that would really benefit you.

Thanks for asking me and have a good night.  


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