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Counseling/Interview Counselor Regarding Addition


I am a student in graduate school for clinical mental health counseling and for an assignment I need to interview an addiction counselor or someone who has experience counseling addiction.

The goal of the assignment is for me to write a summary of the following:
A description of your specific credentials as well as the agency/site where they practice.
Need to include a discussion surrounding your inter-professional community relationships
What is your role and function as an addiction counselor?
What is your description of the risk and resiliency factors to psychoactive substance use disorders in your community?

If you can please help answers these questions that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi Roxana,
I did work as an addiction counselor in the 1990s.
Lately, I have been more of a writer-researcher, working with people who are writing their memoirs.
I do not work at an agency and am no longer licensed.
Wish I could help, but you would be better off with someone who is currently practicing.


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I have been an expert at since 2000. Before that, during college and graduate school, I put in approximately three hundred volunteer hours working at juvenile halls. I also worked in drug and alcohol counseling agencies. In addition, I have done art and writing therapy with young people who grew up in abusive religious groups.

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Dreaming Peace: Your Thoughts Can Change the World, a history of positive thinking and how to practice it in the post-9/11 world.
Child of the Cult, a collection of stories about children who grew up in restrictive religious groups.
Cult Survivor's Handbook: Seven Paths to an Authentic Life, a recovery handbook for people who had a bad experience in a group.

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