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Counseling/Fear of Variant Angina


QUESTION: Dear Graig,
I understand that, i want, what i fear. I unable to concentrate, even though the cardiologist confirm me that, hyperventilation does not cause coronary artery spasm or variant angina, but that
article, where it was mentioned about hyperventilation related to coronary artery spasm is bothering me too much. I want some logic or understand some mechanism behind that, hyperventilation will not cause coronary artery spasm. The cardiologist simply told it will not cause spasm, but did not gave me logic. so, it is still bothering me. I am obsessing about hyperventilation & i have become hyper vigilant concentrating only on my breathing & whenever i become little anxious, i am starting to panic thinking it will cause coronary artery spasm. I also worry about future, if i get stressed out or some bad news will come which will make me anxious or job pressure, how i will handle the hyperventilation. I have become obsessed with the word hyperventilation. My mind has gone blank, i unable to concentrate on anything. Plz help me. can you explain me the term hyperventilation or how hyperventilation does not affect the
arteries or heart,so i will be calm, when ever i will feel like hyperventilating. I am fearing that hyperventilation is bad thing & it will stop the blood flow to my heart.How i should fight whenever i feel fear. i will be very grateful to you. God bless u

ANSWER: Hi Afzal,

What good will logic or understanding do?  You are not being motivated by logic, understanding or the lack of. You are being motivated by your feelings. As long as those memories keep coming up in  the form of a feeling, you will keep wondering and wanting more information.  The answer is not in wanting more information. Regardless of what further understanding you get, that understanding is just going to trigger feelings again. Those feeling are going to lead to more fear, anxiety, and doubt.

Your mind, your subconscious, is telling you that there is a negative energy that you need to let go. As long as you keep holding on to it, you will continue to have problems.

I know this is hard for you to understand.  You are a lot like me. You want answers before you will take action.  

Obsessing and worrying, are symptoms of holding on to negative energy.  When you let go of that negative energy, negative feelings, the other stuff will go away. You just have to stop churning this over and over in your mind and decide to let it go.

Do you understand what I am saying.

Write again if you still need help.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Graig,

Thank you very much for replying, My problem is whenever i get palpitation, pvc, pac, flutters due to mitral valve prolape or whenever i am anxious or stressed, my mind automatically goes to that article about hyperventilation & i start fearing about coronary spasm. these 10 years i was not bother about my palpitation or anxiety, i was dismissing as mere anxiety & considering as harmless.I was knowing that, mitral valve prolapse is bringing palpitation, pvc pac, flutters, chest tightness, fatigue.  but since i read that article i started fearing about anxiety, palpitation, stress every emotion or feelings related to it. I am practicing ur exercise, but whenever i become anxious its hard to let go of that negative feelings. My mind is not calming. it wants the answer how i will be safe from coronary spasm. my mind is not feeling safe it has become hyper vigilant.My nerve is very highly super sensitive. I have been struggling with fear since 12 years. I am getting very sever panic attacks on new places, aeroplane, whenever alone, when my close family travellings. My panic is so severe, for 10-15 minutes i would not be able to take deep breath & like dead. since 12 years i did not know how deep breath is and always feeling air hunger. Even if am not anxious, i could not take deep breath. i have tremor, my nerve is running & forcing in all body, especially chest & head,shivering, jelly leg, blurred eyes. jaw clenching, shaking all these since 12 years. My life has become miserable. What exercise should i do more to to let negative feelings go. Plz help me. i will be very grateful to you.

Hi Afzal,

I am going to share this simple exercise with you.  If you will, promise yourself that you will do it, give it a chance to work.

I emphasize that it is simple because it is. Despite that, it works very well.

Please keep in mind some important points.

One, it took you a while to get to this point. It will likely take you a while to get free of it.

You have to want this. You have to be really tired of the alternative.

You may have layers of feeling. If that is the case, keep working at it till you get results.

Finally, the beauty of this process is that you  begin to see some results right away, giving you confidence that is works and it could work for you if  you apply it.

Here is the process.

Step 1:  Pick something that you feel uneasy when you think of it. It can be intense, but it doesn't have to be.

Step 2: Notice the feeling you get when you think that thought.  Is it fear, guilt, anxiety, etc?

Step 3:  Name it. Say to your self ,when I think of (X) I get the feeling of (name the feeling.)

Step 4:  Locate the intensity of it on a scale of 1 to 10.  Ten is the most intense.

Step 5:  Now repeat these three questions. Don't dwell on them too much. Think about them, then answer them.  There is nothing special about them, other than they help facilitate release.

Step 6: Could I let go of the feeling of (name the feeling) when I think of (name the thought)?

Step 7: Would I let go of the feeling of (name the feeling) when I think of (name the thought)?

Step 8: When?

Step 9: Now, measure them again on that scale.  Where is the intensity? Has it gone down? Has it remained the same?

Repeat the three questions again. Recheck your intensity again. Keep repeating the questions until you have little or no intensity left. When you get to that point, one of two things will happen to you. You will think that thought again and you won't have the negative charge on it anymore. will still have some negative charge and need to repeat the questions until you have let go of all the feeling.

If you are having trouble letting go, it is usually that you won't allow yourself to have that feeling.  In that case, ask yourself, could i allow myself to have the feeling of (name the feeling) when I think of (name the thought?

What you are going to discover about this process, when you have done it sucessfully, is that you will not have that feeling anymore. That is because you subconscious brought it up to show you where you are in that part of your life. You acknowledged it and let it go. Therefore, it no longer needs to come up again.

If you have any questions about this process, let me know.



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