dear  fiend, I wanted to ask you if it is possible to fall in love with a girl just by chatting with her trough facebook during 6 months, and later kiss her on her mouth just for 20 minutes.?
I think it happened to me

Hi Taran,

How are you?  What a lucky person to feelin' the cupid's bow on Valentine's day!  It was fascinating to happen if you fall in love at first sight but it is really something different when you feel that you fall in love at the way you don't expect it to happen.  

Although I am not confirming that what you are feeling is true love but you may certainly feel the level of change of emotion when you feel that something is jumping up and down in your heart.  That is because you cannot contain your emotions due to endorphins   produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise,excitement, pain, spicy food consumption, love, and sexual activity.  It's not a bad sign or thing if you feel this kind of excitement or inspiration and it is all normal.  

However, if you feel that it is not right to feel this immediately then you can hold back your emotion and check a bit by detaching yourself.  I guess the reason why you were asking me the question is not really "the possibility of falling in love" but the "process of how you started feeling that emotion".  In that case, you certainly have the control to set it back by going on a regular date. If you feel that it is the right person, invite her more often for a date, get to know the girl and make sure you know your limits.  This way, you see if this is really love in the "usual way" of meeting the one you really want to fall in love.  

Hope this help you and all the best!!! :)



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