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Hello. My name is Louise.
In recent months, I had to relocate, in order to seize a professional opportunity, and also because the separation of my husband.
I enrolled my youngest son (11 years old)in a private school, and he seems to be doing fine. Last week, the school requested a full physical exam of the boy, so I scheduled an appointment. However, he is asking me, repeatedly, to let my stepson, his half-brother, who is still living with us,(he is 22), to take him to the doctor, instead of me. The boy explains that: "I don't want you to see me naked".
In fact, in his last examination his father was with him.
Since my stepson is willing to take him,
Do you think it would be okay or I should take him, anyway?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, Louise.  Sounds like your son is discovering puberty.  Makes perfect sense that he doesn't want Mom to see him naked.  Assuming that you trust your stepson, I would respect your son's request.  You could let the doctor know that the stepson will be accompanying your son and request that the doctor fill you in on the results.  Joel


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