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QUESTION: What does this tell you abut a mother?  She sees a posting on the Internet that man neads pictures of a ten-year-old girl with a model release. She sends this man about 50 pictures of her 10-year-old daughter, with a model release and also gives him the copyright and he does not have to pay her any money. She also makes sure that those pictures are legal under US federal law.


I would say she is not acting very intelligently acting very intelligently. She really doesn't know who she's dealing with. It could be anyone, and responding like that is not a very good thing to do.


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QUESTION: What does this tell you about the man? He makes it clear that only wants pictures of a ten-year-old girl that are legal under US federal law, and uses the same definition the US Attorney uses.


Again, it is very hard to judge motivations without getting inside the man's head. He could just be looking for 10 year old models or have some other reason in mind. If I was the mother, I would question his motive no matter what the reason.



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