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hello maia,
i walked into a restaurant to be seated. i saw a young attractive waitress, who was walking fast toward the area i needed to cross. she was headed to a table with people to be exact. she was moving south and i was headed east. i'm pretty sure she could see me coming. i thought she would stop or slow down after seeing me, especially since i am a fair size guy with a long beard, while she was young, short and smaller framed. her fast walking just made me walk faster, so i could avoid her getting in my way. i hate the fact that i didn't come across as being a little intimidating to her. although i beat her to the crossing point, i feel that she won, since she was purposely trying to make me walk faster. i hope i'm wrong about that. i'm feeling pretty low over this situation. i hope you can give me some good feedback on coping with this issue. thanks for your time!

Hi Greg,

I am pleased to read your question.  It sounds simple and yet, you feel bothered with the way you had an encounter with that attractive waitress ( i wonder why!)

So let me rephrase this situation; you feel wrongly for yourself because she was trying to make you walk faster as you felt that she was a bit intimated by you, or you think that she was trying to compete with you or maybe both.   With that, I guess, not to be harsh on both of you, may not even be real for what assumption you have on the situation.  Now, the only thing that it may have felt wrong on you is when you made a move on her that you thought would show that you are attracted to her but yet she may not even noticed your move or may be not even related on you that she is just doing her work at the restaurant.  

In regards to your situation, if you really like to know the girl, you have to spend more time in the place where she is working and make sure that you try to show respect and gentleness by being friendly and polite.  Friendship is the best way to win a person's heart.

I hope this will help you and have a great day!!!



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