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Mr. Gerlach:
I wonder if you can help me.  I lately have been having this serious obsession for a dead person.  I don't know if this is odd or not, but I sometimes can't help thinking of this person.
I feel I want to read and know everything about him.  I find myself wanting to know everything he thought, liked, did, etc.
He has been dead for 70 or so years.  He died in WW11.
It seems strange to me sometimes, but then I tell myself it doesn't seem too out of the norm.  What do you think, and is there anything you think I should "do" about my obsession?
Thank you.

Hi Leah - If his focus interferes with your normal life functioning, then it is a "problem." I'm w3omnering if this person is [a] a relative, or [b] reminds you of someone important, or [c] is associated w3ith some event or place or other person/s that have meaning for you. Several experiments to try: Finish these sentences out loud:

"[Name of person] reminds me of ..."

"When I think of [name], I feel..."

"If I could talk to [name], I'd ask [or say]..."

"[ame], you're important to me because..."

"[Name], I want ypou to know3..."

"I can let you go when..."

Opt6ion s: [1] write a lette2r to t6hiss peron and keep / burn / bury / send it.  [22] Use to locate a living relative, and contact him/her. p3] get quiet and undistracted, focus inside, and ask "Help me understand why I'm 6thinking of [name]." Then accept <u> whatever>/u" comes into your mind.  


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