QUESTION: I have a 31 yr old daughter with PDD. For the biggest part, I think all she needs is time to grow up. Years ago, trying to tell her something or teach her something was like talking to a brick wall. A year or 2 or 3 later, it seems to 'click' Except the one problem I have is that she gets time mixed up. She will tell me for example about something that happened just last week and I think and think trying to remember and then realize it happened last year!

So what I'm wondering is if she needs counseling for this? Or if this too will just 'click' one day.

We recently moved to Fl from Maine. She tried counseling down here but didn't like it.
I'm considering finding someone else and making her go.

Since your the professional give me your opinion please.

ANSWER: Hello Joyce. From your description, I doubt that your daughter "has POD." I also doubt that at age 31, she needs more time "to grow up." The time-distortion symptom may be organic (meriting a psychiatrist), or perhaps is a symptom she has inherited psychological wounds.

I encourage you and her to study and discuss these:

I strongly encourage you to hire a veteran family therapist for all of you, not an individual one for your daughter. "Finding" a therapist for an able adult - no matter how well intentioned - is inherently disrespectful, and is usually self-defeating.

If this brings up new questions, please ask - Pete

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QUESTION: well she was formally diagnosed by a psychologist approx. 10 yrs ago. I have documentation from 2 different DRs.

She can be very wise and grown up and smart and turn around a play with dolls.

At any rate, I'm not sure what you mean by 'inherited' psychological wounds? Does that mean that I passed down the traits, the ones I didn't even know I had? And what does Organic mean? Something she ate?

She was in counseling in Maine and loved it. However we didn't love the winters.

OK  so what more do you need from me, Joyce? "Organic" means "from genes and biological malfunction." I suspect Your doctors did not know about inherited psychological wounds, so they misdiagnosed your daughter. I respectfully recommend you (1) read the articles I linked you to, and (2) get an evaluation from a family therapist - Pete  


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