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respected sir,
Am a 24 yr student from india.I have been raised in a
joint family consisting my parents ,my 3 uncles
and grandparents.My 1 uncle is happily married ,but my other 2
uncles have been always a problem to the family.They have been in wrong company and addicted to alcohol.even though we are
staying together as one family.10 years ago my 2 uncles were married and just after few years they were divorced
because of their addiction and other issues.Now as they have achievced nothing in life,they are still staying in our home.they are still causing a lot of trouble to my parents.
I constantly feel worried about future of my family.I will have to move to another city for my further education and also i have to work there only.
So my parents will also need to stay with i am worried about my uncles that who will look after them when our joint family will is a fact that my grandparents wont live
many years from please guide me as i feel lost.
i have my personal goals to achieve and at the same time i am facing such a family crisis.what should i do? should i leave our joint family and move to other city with my parents?
will this decision affect badly to other members of the family.I am very worried about who will look after my uncles in their remaining life? should i leave them to their state and look
forward to my education,job and wellbeing?
please help me.

One approach is to involve the uncles with all family members to brainstorm possible solutions to the issue as "what to do about the future of the family"? Everyone lists possible solutions of up to 8 or 10, without discussion or evaluation. Then everyone privately chooses 3 of the solutions that seem most practical and workable. Where you overlap is the agreed action plan. Be sure the list "leave our joint family and move to other city with my parents."


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